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Treat your furs right with proper fur storage and fur cleaning!

We store your furs on site in a climate controlled fur storage vault for quick service and ultimate security. Your furs will be safe! They will be kept in a clean, cool, and insect free environment until you are ready to pick them up for the next fur wearing season.

Included FREE with storage:

• Unlimited in and out service
• Pick-up (within limits) can be arranged
•Steaming and brushing to freshen your coat

 CONTACT US to store your fur!



  • Ideally, do not store your fur coat at home. Keep your fur coats with a reputable furrier that has a cold fur storage facility on premises.
  • Never store your fur coat in a plastic bag. If you have to keep it at home, store your furs in a HIGH QUALITY FUR GARMENT STORAGE BAG in your darkest, coldest closet, away from walls with heat ducts or hot or cold water pipes running through them.
  • To keep the hide soft and supple and the fur clean and fluffy, have your coat cleaned and condition by a furrier Professional fur cleaning removes dirt, oils, and make-up, and it keeps the leather soft, bringing back the fur's original luster, thus prolonging the fur garment's life.
  • Examine your fur coat before storage time for rips and tears and have them repaired.
  • If you are interested in fur remodeling or restyling your fur coat to a more modern look, discuss it with your furrier now and have it done through the summer months before the beginning of the next fur wearing season.
  • Do not expose your furs to sources of heat and humidity. It will dry out the natural oils and damage your fur.
  • If you choose to store your furs at home, make sure your closet space is free of moths. They are the #1 enemy of your furs. You could buy moth traps from It will help you keep your closet moth free.