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Kulu Bags

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The chic appearance and versatility of the zebra Shopper with mane Z-SH-WM-1 are but two reasons this tote handbag will never go out of style. The front is Burchell's zebra (NOT endangered) with the mane down the middle. This bag is an absolute SHOW STOPPER! There is no question this is the real deal and it is gorgeous! As with all zebra hides, each is unique like a snowflake or fingerprint. These hides are hand chosen for their beauty and blemish-free appearance (it can take upwards of 10 hides to find one pristine enough to fit the shopper). Each mane is also unique with some having the hair lay one way, others, it goes back and forth and others it stands up more. Notice also how the mane colors mirror the stripes, so it also has a striped effect at the bottom, tapering off to black on top. The back and straps on this bag are Naku (Namibian cowhide) leather and are very beautiful as well as durable. The top zips shut and the large fabric interior features a zippered pocket as well as two open, leather edged pockets on the opposite side. The shopper can be used as a purse, a briefcase, a carry-on or even for a weekend away - the options are endless. This fabulous bag is an heirloom piece that will be handed down to your children, grandchildren, etc. for generations to come!

Approximate measurements: 14.5L x 5.5W x 14H

*** As with all zebra hides, there are no two alike - just like our fingerprints or snowflakes. The photo shown here is a stock photo. Your bag will be the same shape, but the pattern of stripes will be different and completely unique! There may be slight imperfections and variations in the fur and/or leather, which is normal.

With the purchase of a Kulu Handbag, you are directly supporting conservation efforts in southern Africa to maintain more than 40,000 square miles in over 200 separate National, Provincial and private game reserves. Find more info at

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